Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update 27th September 2009

Chescia came out of St Vincent’s Hospital; 8 days ago, after 17 days admission. During that time she was wired to a remote ECG for 17 days, she had several EEG’s, all kinds of blood, lung function and sleep tests and attended to by Professor Ron Penny (a leading immunologist), Dr Garrick (a leading neurologist), cardiologists, psychiatrists, asthma specialists and others.

Whilst all accepted she faced physiological issues and witnessed most of them; shallow respiration (low C02), continuous leg and other extremity tremors, heart rate fluctuations 70 bpm to 183 bpm in moments), seizures (they recorded them as events) and anxiety attacks as she felt the physiological symptoms emerge – not one could explain why!

The seizures were new to her arrival at hospital and appeared to be triggered by effort, (a shower, a short walk along the corridor) and “amped up” by her rising levels of anxiety. The Psychiatrist helped her with tools to control these to the extent that in the 6 days before she left hospital they all but disappeared but the other symptoms did not. Prof. Penny said he would call it “Tunley Syndrome” and sent her home.

Now at home – the respiratory, tremor issues remain – she complains of being constantly short of breath and is forever breathing into a paper bag. However the seizures have also returned and these now involve convulsing, whereby she blacks out convulses and stops breathing-it is very, very frightening?

I have no idea where to go or what to do next – any ideas or directions?

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  1. Stephen - My heart goes out to you and your family for what you are going through with your precious daughter. There is a great deal of information on the Gardasil board about girls who are going through detox...and also eating an organic, whole food, gluten free diet. My suggestion is to find a chiropractor who is into detox measures to help your daughter. The Maximized Living Network in the US is helping quite a few girls with great success. Lisa Holtman's daughter Ashley Ryburn is one - she suffered many, many seizures and was in and out of emergency rooms for the better part of a year before getting under the care of Dr. Joe Arvay - I know that you are colleagues with Phil Tetlock who had the best medical care for his daughter - but to no avail. I believe that the healing on this issue comes from outside the traditional medical system. The Sept. 2008 FDA closing documents on Gardasil cited that a huge percentage of girls would develop a new medical condition in the first year - and that is what we are seeing...and the doctors are stumped. Chiros on the other hand are well trained and versed in whole body healing and detoxing.

    The National Hormone Institute issued a press release last week citing that Alzheimer's cases now outnumber cases of breast and prostate cancer combined. Shocking...but neurological diseases are going to continue to outnumber pathological ones which traditional doctors are trained in dealing with. And we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with neurological diseases - ADD, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia and the side effects from vaccines. The balance between the immune system and the environment is way off kilter. Getting the balance back and repairing the neurological damage from the toxins is the new medicine. We will also find that by healing the brain that the pathological illnesses will also be prevented.

    I hope that this has been insightful and helpful.

    From the "Slightly Herbal Hormone Goddess"