Sunday, February 21, 2010

In for the long haul!

Chescia strated college on Wednesday an 18 month nutrionist course at the ACNT - sadly she lasted 2 days. Day 1 was great but tiring, day 2 a disaster, vomiting , seizures and other things.

Since then, she has had good and bad days but still faces iussues to do with the re-mergence of CFS, allergic reactions to all things, seizures and continual fatigue.

We continue with kinesiology and believe it to be of great benefit and the IV's of B and C and zinc/magnesium supps.

We believe she will get through this and will be tougher and more balanced human being as a consequence, but boy is the price high!

On a different note - the activity being undertaken here in Australia and elsewhere re the issues with Gardasil continues to grow and I have the feeling that this year Merck will be swamped by issues and media coverage. I am now in contact with 20 Australian young women badly impacted following gardasil and the numbers grow weekly.

Interestingly at a recent conference in Europe on HPV "Eurogin", I was advised by an attendee that the Australian contingent a) denied any issues re adverse reactions to Gardasil and b) when questioned on this merrily pointed out that they rolled out Ian Fraser to deny any possible link to Gardasil - I say Ian watch this space as you are about to be found out and that you are a shallow and ignorant person whose reputation and future will likley be sorely challenged by the truth being out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two steps forward 2 steps back?

Bugger, bugger, bugger! Just as it thought she was on the rapid road to recovery - issues again emerge.

For the last 2-3 weeks, Chescia's allergic responses to food have again arisen. She has had one seizure and her breathing issues re-emerged.

The kinesilogist at Levity Centre (Ros) has helped in clearing foods but she continued to lose weight and was tired all the time.

Chescia's immunoglobulin levels are too high and we are now advised her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has returned!

She is now seeing another kinesiologist who is treating her breathing and CFS issues at a deeper level (and a number of other girls too) and believes he can assist but it will take months.

The good news is Chescia has enrolled to complete an 18 month nutritonist course at ACNT starting February, so we hope a study focus in an area of value will help her focus.

Onward and upward!