Monday, September 21, 2009

Update 22nd September 2009

Chescia, spent 17 days in St Vincents Hospital Sydney under the care of professor Ron Penny the immunologist. She was attended by cardiologists, neurologits, pyschiatrists, sleep and athsma specialists and more.

Whilst in hospital she had her first seizures which over a week or so, got progressivley worse. Following a visit by the pyschiatrist, we managed to implement a program where she could control the seizures and in particular anxiety 'amping these up'.

Several of the specialists advise they believe the link between Gardasil and her issues, but could not prove it.

She is now home. Has respiratory issues, leg tremors, is exhaused by the smallest amount of physical activity, has a loss of appetite and more.

At hospital we resisted using any medication and are now looking to natural healing options.

Really this has been a most distressing time for Chescia, her Mother and me. We have not doubt that Gardasil triggered this and remain determined to get Government and others in power to address these issues and quickly.

Please keep looking at for updates.

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